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Why do I need an Independent Appraisal?
Insurance Documentation
that estimates realistic costs with accurate descriptions to satisfy a potential loss without driving the cost of the premiums beyond reason

Estate Planning and Tax Purposes to verify and limit your exposure to future taxes

Distribution of a Marital Estate or Inheritance to minimize disputes involving settlements and to avoid legal fees in the event of an irrational claim in the future

Liquidity and Collateral Value to turn property into cash in an orderly manner or to protect a loan officer from over-stated values

Why Choose Just Appraisers; A Professional Independent Appraiser?
To ensure an arms-length and unbiased conclusion from a professional who has no interest in the outcome. We have the skills, experience & equipment necessary to make the appraisal a cost effective, worthwhile exercise.

What Are The Key Roles Of A Professional Appraiser?
1. To witness The most profound role of an appraiser is to offer an expert opinion as to the existence or non-existence of a precious object and to assess and grade the attributes and condition (prior to an acquisition or loss)

2. To research To ascertain market conditions and variations in value

3. To analyze The conclusion should reflect a modal value regardless of highs and lows that miss the normal tendencies. Highest and best use is a professional standard.

4. To Report The value conclusion is best supported when the appraisal states the purpose and defines the market level. Stating the definition of value, the intended buyer and seller and the conditions of a sale are the groundwork of clarifying the most relevant value.

How Long Does The Appraisal Take?
Engagement rings generally take around 1 to 1.5 hours to analyze whereas multiple piece appraisals can take days or even weeks to complete.

Does My Jewelry Ever Leave My Sight?
No. The appraisal is conducted while-you-watch. Rarely is it required that a piece be left with us for further evaluation. This is only ever done at your request.

What Do I Receive From You?

A PDF electronic version is the greenest and most suitable document for insurance and third party use. It is certified with our Master Gemologist Appraiser® seal and includes a digital signature. If paper versions are requested, we still print. Our reports include detailed descriptions with images and major components are listed separately with their grades and conditions and separate values. The final appraisal also contains all our references & credentials along with all relevant information pertaining to the purpose of the appraisal, the methods employed, the equipment used & certifications.

When Will I Receive My Appraisal?
Most single appraisals can be completed while you watch. Certain items can take a little longer though as they require more research. When this is the case an email version will be sent immediately upon completion with the hard copies if required.

How Often Do I Need To Update My Appraisal?
Sometimes, market conditions change markedly in just one year and other times it can take 4 to 7 years for market fluctuations. If you pay attention to the US dollar and inflation, you will have a better sense of when to call. You are welcome to contact us at anytime for a free analysis to update a previous value if necessary. We may also contact you should a significant market change make it very apparent to us that your appraisal is out of date. All the data of your past appraisal is securely kept on file to make the reappraisal process quick & cost effective.



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