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Our name tells our story. We don't buy or sell diamonds, watches or jewelry, so we won't appraise your engagement ring below market value, then offer to buy it. And we won't produce a deflated appraisal of the diamond you bought online, then try to sell you one of ours. We're not diamond merchants, or jewelers, wholesale, retail, or otherwise. We're  Just Appraisers. But our story doesn't end there. Our name also means we're ethical appraisers whose appraisals of diamonds, jewelry, gemstone, and watches are valid -- based on sound methods and reasoning -- and meet or exceed the  Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) maintained by the Appraisal Foundation under Federal mandate. Our President, David Wolf, is a third generation gemologist and a published expert on "Reproduction versus Antique Diamonds, Gemstones and Jewelry." Certified by the American Society of Appraisers as an Accredited Senior Appraiser (ASA), he earned their prestigious Master Gemologist Appraiser® designation in 1995. A recent past Gems & Jewelry Discipline Chair of the ASA's International Board of Governors, David has been a Graduate Gemologist (GG) of the Gemological Institute of America since 1985. When you need to know what it's worth, do what litigation attorneys, insurance underwriters, claims adjusters, and estate administrators do. Before buying or selling, for taxes, for matrimonial or divorce litigation, for insurance, for estate, inventory or liquidation purposes -- call on Just Appraisers. All appraisals of diamonds, watches, gemstones and other jewelry done while you watch.


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David Wolf, GG, MGA - President
David Wolf, a 1976 graduate of Rutgers University, Newark, NJ and the Gemological Institute of America, Santa Monica, CA has been under contract with major banks, national law enforcement offices and patent attorneys, as a forensic consultant, appraiser, mediator and expert witness. His expertise is frequently sought after by insurance groups, bankers, attorneys and jewelry professionals. Mr. Wolf spent much of his career buying diamonds and estate jewelry which led him to write the “The Asscher Cut Diamond” article for appraisers, collectors and those interested in “old world” diamonds. As a consumer advocate, he has interviewed with Inside Edition and National Public Radio. In addition to his Graduate Gemologist (GIA) degree, Wolf holds a Senior Membership and Master Gemologist Appraiser® designation from the American Society of Appraisers and served on their Board of Governors. He has developed and hosted programs for ASA’s Gems & Jewelry international conferences. David is dedicated to delivering his clients the highest standards a professional appraisal practice can offer.

Toby Smart, GG - Laboratory Director
Toby Smart, holds a Bachelor of Science degree, from South Bank University, London, UK and earned the (GIA) Graduate Gemologist designation in 2004 from the Gemological Institute of America, Carlsbad, CA. Prior to his move into gemology, Toby landed a database management position with the British Standards Institution. His analytical approach and management skills are evident in our improved evaluation and reporting standards. Since his start with Just Appraisers in 2004, calibration of our digital equipment, scales, gauges and proportion equipment has improved. Manual measurements and the degree of error are better understood and our lighting environment has improved. Smart has become indispensable at Just Appraisers in developing our diamond and colored gemstone reports. Most noteworthy is Smart’s communication of “light performance” of round brilliant diamonds, modified brilliants and branded diamonds. Proportion angles and critical measurements are fed into a light return software application that calculates light performance. In recognizing the growing concerns over the use of “GIA color and clarity grading standards”, we openly report our grade to be definitive, transitional or different in our opinion. Under Smart’s direction, the “art of color grading” a diamond or a colored stone has been defined in a more consistent and reproducible manner.



Jennifer Vichinsky, GG
Jennifer Vichinsky is highly skilled in the design of jewelry, grading, gemstone selection and manufacturing.  We are pleased to add her as an experienced appraiser.

Lynn Magnusson, ASA
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Spencer Peck - Coins & Paper Money
       Over the years, have completed assignments for:

Recently completed forensic appraisals of rare coins recovered from the World Trade Center vaults as well as rare Indo-Greek Bactrian coins stolen by the Taliban from the Afghan National Museum in Kabul .



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